Find Verts Weighted To Bone.

Here is a little function I wrote that will go through all selected meshes and find all the vertices weighted to a given bone. I had to write this to find all the meshes that had a specific bone in their skin mod, but not just that! I needed to know which of those meshes had verts weighted to this specific bone.

The main task was to remove the influence of that bone from all meshes not necessarily remove the bone as the engine export strips out any bone that has no vertices weighted to it. 

Maya Python - parentConstraint to Last

Snippet to constraint all selected nodes to the last selected.

Maya Python - Group Nodes

Hey guys!


Here is a quick snippet to just group nodes under their own little group hierarchie, which will provide us with a driver group and a x_form group. The x_form group is the one that contains the offset values from the parent node while the driver is the group we will use for all connections needed (sometime I even have two driver groups).


Maya Python - Create FK Chain

Hey guys! first rigging script for python in maya! pretty simple, it creates a FK chain from selected joints with flags to align the controllers to world or to the Joint. Wrote this script to do Gainer's(Sasktel) spine rig in Maya ( I am re-rigging him in Maya.)



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